Daub Bakery Machinery is headquartered in the Netherlands and specializes in the development and manufacture of high-quality equipment for dough dividing, rounding and moulding as well as bread slicing equipment for a wide range of industries. Founded in 1902, Daub Bakery Machinery has earned an international reputation for quality and innovation.

All of our equipment is designed, engineered and produced in our own highly automated production facility in the Netherlands which is equipped with the latest CNC machining and measuring technology. From design with our sophisticated 3D CAD software until the last part of the assembly process, all is managed, controlled and inspected in our own production facility.

Only with this, in combination with a well-trained, skilled and motivated work-force we are able to ensure our high-quality standards and competitive pricing.

Added value for the customer

Daub solutions for quality-conscious customers around the world are developed with the help and feedback from today’s bakery world. We focus on operational flexibility, user-friendliness, hygiene and safety. Every new machine meets tough ergonomic requirements. Factors like simplicity of maintenance, service access and long-term durability are paramount.


Daub machines help bakers maintain a competitive edge based on product quality and variety as well as cost efficiency – very important in the light of tough competition and changing consumer demands. All Daub machines are manufactured using state-of the-art automated production equipment, clean processes and efficient series assembly. They are competitively priced in the quality market segment, and provide a basis for efficient dough handling without compromising on quality or taste.

Support from Daub

Daub is proud of its long-standing reputation and offers customers more than machines alone. The total package includes technical assistance, dealer support, spare parts back-up and guarantees. Our strategy is to provide a long life cycle for our machines. Warranty on parts is 24 months.

Baking quality

In its quest for perfection Daub Bakery Machinery is constantly looking for ways to optimize its product range. More than ever our new designs, features and colour combinations make the baker’s working environment pleasant and positive.

As an expression of our trust in the future Daub now offers a two year warranty on components.

The baker’s know-how combined with our guaranteed mechanical solutions contribute to baking quality as well as the quality of life.

Stimulated by feedback

Sensitive to the baker’s needs for greater efficiency without compromising on product quality or taste, our machines are easier to operate and maintain. Cost of ownership is kept low, while the return on investment is high.

Every new development must meet the toughest ergonomic and environmental requirements before it is released for production.

As an example, in all machines motors run only when required, saving energy, reducing wear and therefore increasing machine life.

Operational flexibility, service access and long term durability are the key drivers for our research and development team.

Pro-active in marketing

By closely watching developments in international baking and by taking a pro-active role in creating solutions, Daub is helping traditional bakers meet ever growing consumer demands. Knowledge of the safety and hygiene regulations ensure Daub machines satisfy the bakers’ business objectives, safety requirements and legal obligations.


With a clear focus on design and technology, Daub brings baking in the traditional style bakery to a higher level. All Daub machines now offer latest ergonomic designs and improvement user-friendliness.

Quality network

Daub is represented internationally by its distributors and their service operators. This network of trusted partners has been carefully built up and maintained over the years to provide a reliable platform for the purchase and maintenance of our machines.

Daub distributors can provide maintenance and service support on location in your own language.

Daub regularly exhibits at major trade shows for bakery equipment. Some of the events we participate in are IBA (Germany), Europain (France), Gulfood Manufacturing (Dubai) and FHA (Singapore). At other events we are present in cooperation with our main distributors.

After sales

A dependable after sales team ensures that your investment in high quality Daub equipment is protected. Downtime is costly and inconvenient, so the service is based on getting your machines back up and running in no time.

For more information on product lines visit or contact Daub directly, our people are available to answer your questions.